Ask : What is the origin of Hydrogen Water?
Answer : Hydrogen Water is the Japanese research which found that the water that contains high Active Hydrogen (H-) will be the best Antioxidant.
Ask : Why does Oxygen be dangerous for our health?
Answer : Used oxygen means the oxygen which has high Oxidation. When the Oxidation occurs, it will be the disadvantage to our health because it causes the biomolecules damage and cell structure which can cause many diseases and aging.
Ask : How does Hydrogen Water against Oxygen?
Answer : To have the better health, the body needs to have more Antioxidant to reduce the oxidation. From the research, hydrogen has the highest Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). The water which rich of hydrogen ions will have ORP equal -300mV to -600mV.
Ask : What is the importance of Hydrogen Water molecular to the cell?
Answer : The water from Hydrogen Water Generator will have the smaller molecular so these molecules will transfer vitamins, minerals and important nutrients through the cell membrane more effective.
Ask : What is Electrolysis?
Answer : It is the electric current transmission process from outside to the solution (water) and causes the Chemical reaction to break down the water molecules and exchange the positive and negative ion.
Ask : Is Hydrogen Water Generator safe?
Answer : Hydrogen Generator technology uses food-grade metal (Platinum coated Titanium) as the catalyze. Hydrogen Water Generator can produce the hydrogen according to the need of water by DC current so it is 100% safe. Moreover, the design is easy to use and convenient.