How hydrogen water has changed the way we drink water

How hydrogen water has changed the way we drink water

The unique benefits of hydrogen water are not hidden and it is no wonder athletes today work with it in order to improve their overall performance as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is no surprise that some persons even refer to hydrogen water as the miracle water. This is because of the positive effects the water has on the organs in the body.

The benefits of hydrogen water are what would be examined in the next section. You are in for a few surprises.

Benefits of Hydrogen water

Hydrogen water is quite beneficial to its users in several ways. Some of these benefits are highlighted below 

Improvement on mood:

Depression, anxiety and mental diseases are on the rise undiagnosed with each passing day. These conditions manifest in various subtle ways and can be deadly if not handled properly. Although there are standard treatment procedures for them, but there is a high risk of side effects on the side of the patient. The use of hydrogen water can be beneficial in this regard as it is known to improve and boost some neurotransmitters such as serotonin. These neurotransmitters when boosted can led to the elevation of mood and also lead to the reduction of stress and depression. The use of hydrogen water can lead to an improvement of the overall mood of the individual 

Assists in weight loss

The consumption of hydrogen water can lead to significant weight loss as it helps to reduce body fat. This is achieved by boosting energy thereby enhancing the breakdown of fats, lipids and carbohydrates I the body. The use of hydrogen water in weight loss proves to be more viable option as other methods such as exercise and lean eating habits usually become tedious and stressful. This may often lead to more weight gain if not followed rightly and accordingly. But hydrogen water enhances the breakdown of food which means there is less accumulation of fat which potentially leads to weight loss 

Regulation of blood sugar levels in the body 

Studies have shown that the intake of hydrogen water can go a long way in regulating blood sugar levels. The concentration of glucose in the blood at a particular time gives the blood sugar level so, the intake of hydrogen water can lead to a faster rate of metabolism of glucose and lipids in the body and blood and this can be an effective way to reduce blood sugar levels especially for persons suffering from type 2 diabetes. Hydrogen as a naturally occurring reducing agent reduces the size of lipoproteins in the body and that leads to increase insulin sensitivity as well as normalization of glucose tolerance in the body. Studies have shown that the consumption of 900ml of hydrogen water for a duration of 8 weeks can lead to improvement of insulin resistance and decrease in cholesterol 

Prevention of cancer

Stress is a part of our daily life and the accumulation of stress can lead to many deadly diseases in the body such as cancer. As free radicals move across the body, they may possibly ignite cancerous cells which can be very deadly. This is where hydrogen water comes into play. The intake of hydrogen water leads to the introduction of more antioxidants in the body thereby eliminating the actions of the rather harmful free radicals in the body and as such, prevent every likelihood of cancerous cells developing. That is not all, hydrogen water (heated hydrogen water) can also limit the growth of various tumors in the body by reducing oxidative stress.

Protection of the eye 

The eye gives light and vision to the whole body. Without the eye, handling our day to day activities will be very difficult. Because of the tedious nature of some of our daily activities, the eye can be exposed to some environmental hazards and strain which are harmful to the eye. With the use of hydrogen water, the eye along with its ability to see is protected from various alignments and complications. The use of hydrogen water helps the eye to retain its vision capabilities and at the same time help prevent injuries to some parts of the eye such as retina.

Combat arthritis and reduce inflammation 

The increased inflammation of joints, is One way to identify and characterize arthritis in the body. This inflammation leads to deformities of joins and it also leads to waste of bone tissues around the joints. But as earlier mentioned, molecular hydrogen has a high content of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents which can effectively help combat arthritis. Consuming water rich in hydrogen is a promising way to help limit the effect of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. A study carried out showed that patients suffering from a common inflammatory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, upon drinking 5liters of hydrogen water in a day for a period of 4 weeks, became 20% free from the disease. Apart from arthritis, hydrogen water can also help in the area of eliminating stiffness of joints and swelling in some areas of the body

Improve oral health 

An important aspect of our health that is often kept aside, is our oral health. When neglected, it can lead to some serious health problems for the individual. The actions of free radicals in the mouth cannot be over emphasized. These free radicals are one of the major causes of health complications in the body most especially in the mouth. But with the aid of hydrogen molecules from hydrogen water these free radicals can easily be eradicated. Free radicals are known to cause mouth problems such as tooth decay but with hydrogen water, these issues can be reduced. Apart from tooth decay, hydrogen water can also reduce the level of inflammation around the gum region of the teeth thereby reducing decay and other complications.

Skin protection 

The skin is one part of the body that is subject and exposed to most hazards. Apart from the clothes we wear, the skin is often void of protection thereby it is constantly exposed to different forms of infections, hazards and radiation. All this can lead to severe damages of the skin and its cells. Research has shown that the continuous of hydrogen water limits the damages incurred on skin cells. Studies have been carried out to validate the beneficial attributes of hydrogen water to the skin and the results have all been positive to say the least. It has been observed that the damages caused by ultraviolet rays on the skin is reduced by hydrogen water and also using hydrogen water for bathing purposes for up to 12 weeks can help smoothen wrinkle lines and help maintain a more youthful appearance.

Reduction of muscles fatigue 

The continuous usage of muscles especially for rigorous activities can often lead to accumulation of fatigue in different muscles groups. This usually results in pain, weakness and inflammation of fatigued muscle groups. Hydrogen water aids in the elimination of these pains as well as minimize fatigue by speeding up recovery time. It is because of this reason that hydrogen water is very popular amongst athletes as it shortens their recovery time and helps to limit fatigue. In a study carried out amongst athletes involved in heavy exercise, it was noticed that athletes that consumed hydrogen water had a decrease in their muscle fatigue as well as an improvement in their performance. This goes to show that hydrogen water doesn’t only reduce motor fatigue, it also improves the overall performance of athletes.

Protection of the brain 

For the brain to function at full capacity, it has to interact with amount of oxygen at different times this can lead to oxidative actions which leads to the generation of free radicals. These free radicals can be very harmful to the brain and ultimately decrease brain function. The consumption of hydrogen water can help combat the activities of the free radicals and as such, create an environment for maximum and efficient brain function.

Protection of bodily parts.

Parts of the body such as lungs, kidney and liver are often susceptible to diseases due to their exposure to oxidative stress. Drinking hydrogen water is a highly effective way of protecting these body parts. Hydrogen water can reduce oxidative stress and chemical waste products in the kidney thereby improving kidney dysfunction resulting from toxic damage. When it comes to the liver, hydrogen water is known to improve on the overall liver function and assists patients suffering from hepatitis B. Hydrogen water also protects the lungs from injury as well as inflammation. Protection for these body parts is what makes hydrogen water truly remarkable.

Longevity of life 

The accumulation of oxidative stress can be very harmful to humans both in the short-run as well as in the long-run. Drinking hydrogen water can help limit the impact of oxidative stress in and around the body. Other vices such as inflammation, muscle fatigue and brain stress can all lead to a shorter life span. But with hydrogen water, their impact can greatly be reduced thereby leading to the preservation of life. 

No side effects 

It should be mentioned that hydrogen water is completely safe and totally free of any side effects. It is a safe choice for consumption for everyone.

Hydrogen water is really making waves and it is slowly catching up a suitable substitute for normal water. With the several benefits in store when hydrogen water is consumed, it is no surprise that is a popular choice for not just athletes alone but for everyone. The new trend of Hydrogen water has seen the rise of clean safe water for individuals all around all around the world. For daily consumption, it is considered to be a safe and trusted bet.