Benefits of Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water Explained by a Scientist

Benefits of Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water Explained by a Scientist

In order to learn the affirmative effect of the water with hydrogen in abundance on your general health you will have to know about hydrogen pills, tablets and molecules of hydrogen H2. You should know about the story of molecular hydrogen, pills or tablets of hydrogen and the presence of hydrogen in alkaline ionised water. You can know about the effect of all of these factors on your general health by going through this write-up. So, to explain the benefits of hydrogen molecules in ionised water, we are going to introduce you with Tyler LeBaron.

After several scientific researches it was revealed in 2007 that many unbelievable remedial benefits can be attained from hydrogen. Being the first element in the table of chemical elements hydrogen has affected almost all of the other elements in the table. Even the water we get to save our life with the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. In fact, the life on the earth has been started by hydrogen. Even today hydrogen is in the leading position but due to its anti-aging and biomedical features. The researchers have published in over 400 types of journals from which more than 30 were researched on humans, to show the therapeutic effect of molecular hydrogen as they can be beneficial for more than 140 human diseases by affecting almost each of their organs.

Introduction with Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a gas the molecule of which contains two atoms and H2 is its chemical symbol. The size of its molecule is almost equal to the molecule of oxygen still it is supposed to have the smallest size. The small size of its molecule makes it an element with cellular bio-availability higher than any other drug, nutraceutical or supplement. It also enables the molecule of hydrogen to spread deep into all the mitochondria and cells of human body fast along with pass easily through the barrier between blood and brain.

The molecule of hydrogen is available independent and free unless it is not bound with any other compound. When it is connected with oxygen then it forms water in the form of H2O. However, when the molecules of hydrogen are bound together then it forms hydrogen gas, H2. The hydrogen dissolves in the water in its gaseous form only.

Importance of mixing hydrogen in alkaline water and its benefits

You might be aware of the fact that today the rate of diabetic cases, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and various other diseases caused by disorder in neurological system like ADD, Autism, Parkinson’s disease, depression and Alzheimer’s disease etc. in our society is very high. So the need of natural and safe remedies to control premature aging should also be great to bring back your body to the state of homeostasis. According to the scientific researches, the molecules of the hydrogen can be the main element to revolutionise human wellness and health.

Working of Molecular Hydrogen

The studies conducted on animals, cells and humans have shown that the benefits of hydrogen can be received mainly in three ways.

  1. The toxic hydroxil radicals present in your body can be converted instantly in to water

  2. The homeostatic level of the antioxidants of your own body can be maintained effectively

  3. Cell metabolism, expression of genes and cell signalling also show beneficial effect of hydrogen due to its anti-obesity, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

In this way it can be said clearly that the hydrogen gas or hydrogen molecules are not unfamiliar for your body. It does not work like an alien for your body like pharmaceuticals and drugs etc. Actually, the bacteria in our gut produce hydrogen gas in large amount after eating food rich in fibre to provide many benefits after diffusing into the blood. This is the main reason for which moms usually tell their children to eat vegetables for their goodness for their health.

Various researches have proved that the hydrogen gas dissolved in the water we drink is one of the oldest natural ways to deliver hydrogen throughout our body in a very effective manner. Moreover, the investigation recently made on various healing springs found in Mexico, India and Japan have shown that the therapeutic feature of these waters is due to the hydrogen gas dissolved in them. Such facts make some sense even today because hydrogen can provide us health benefits even today as it has been involved intimately in the origin of life on this earth. May be this is the very reason of developing a symbolic relationship between the production of bacteria in our gut and the hydrogen in a natural manner. The nature also might have produced hydrogen rich springs to create benefits for human health.

This hydrogen certainly looks to be beneficial for all types of life along with plants. These facts are not the part of any craze for fashion which are normally overlooked by the scientists and researchers. To know more in this regard you can go through many research articles submitted by the scientists of medical community with PubMed on hydrogen rich water or visit the Institute on Molecular Hydrogen. The Journals Nature and Science is one of the notable publications that have also published on the researches on hydrogen gas.

Introduction with Ionized Alkaline Water

By understanding the active role played by hydrogen gas in keeping us healthy it will be easier to understand the reason behind the benefits of ionised alkaline water. In order to produce this water electrolysis process is used to decompose the water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas of which hydrogen gas is again dissolved into the water to make it hydrogen rich ionised alkaline water.

Earlier it was thought that free electrons and micro clustering in the water was the reason behind the benefits of ionised water. But now it is understood widely that the real secret of ionised water is hydrogen gas. It has also been proved through various researches that the elimination of hydrogen gas from the ionised water can actually eliminate its benefits whereas the therapeutic benefits if ionised water can be increased by adding more hydrogen gas into it.